Sorry for the delay, my kms client wasn’t patching.

So PvP came out, posting pics later.


Lv 130 Jewelery Set



Max Hp and Mp + 100
45 weapon and magic def.
5 slots

Good, no?

More equips after the jump!

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First Angelic Ring in KMS

First Angelic Ring in KMS, well probably.  I made this angelic ring, stats is +1 all stats and I think 27 acc. and 30 avoid.  Took 25 Adamitium and 25 Bronze plates, 10 intermediate gem polishing bottles, and 10 int. monster crystals.  It gives a buff of 5 wa and an angel follows you.  Made by GentleCygnus of Ryuho

And here is the Angel effect as people asked for.

Hello World!

This is my blog and I’m going to base it off Maplestory.  Korean Maplestory that is!