Its a special version of the Crusis a lv 100 Cannon. It has the same attack as the lv 110 Dragon Hurtz. Obtainable through the Cannon Shooter Pre-Event.


Triple Digits!!!! – LV. 100

6/18/2011 - Finally 100

FINALLY!!!! I AM NOW LV 100!!!

First Day back!

Wow, a lot has changed in KMS since I last went on. I’m leaving for a trip tomorrow, but I’ll try to get on KMS and post some pictures.

Download speeds slow

Well the download is going much slower than expected, it approximates 44 hours left, so the day after tomorrow. And I’m leaving for a few days on vacation on that day, so I’ll start in game on Tuesday.

Edit: My speed jumped up really quickly so now it is at 76% and approx. 7 hours left. So I’ll try to get it downloaded today and my first report tomorrow.

Coming out of retirement

Since Spadow is retiring I’m gonna start again. Redownloading the client as I’m typing this. But since Korea is so far away it will take a long time. I expect for KMS to finish downloading by tomorrow.

Break from kms.

For those of you who are reading this I am getting overwhelmed with school work and getting frustrated when patching I’m taking a break from KMS.


First of all I’m sorry I didn’t load a PvP video, wind archers are bad and I just get owned by op mechs, db, BaMs, and wild hunters.

Well I finally got an android, and it has really bad stats so I dont feel like listing them